Meditation Classes

According to the theory and concept of yoga, meditation is a state of mind and consciousness in which there is alertness, dynamism, dissociation of mind and senses, and total concentration. It is definitely not a process to block out events or experiences which are constantly affecting us. So proper training has to be given to the senses, to the mind and also to the mental faculties as and when they manifest, in order to perfect dharana (concentration) and to come to the meditative state of dhyana.

Swami Niranjan

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These classes are centred on the practice of Antar Mouna (Inner Silence), which comes to us from the Tantric tradition, and include gentle asana/pranayama as preparation.

In Antar Mouna we develop a relaxed relationship with the mind and the many influences which affect us in daily life. We do this through awareness, observation and acceptance. In this way we realise that we are not a slave to our lives, that we each have our own unique experience, but also the value and consolation of a shared experience. Experience remains, but we can begin to remove ourselves from negative influence.

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Please contact Yogasutra (Sara Murphy) for more details and to book a place.