Yoga in Pregnancy

Bindu is a qualified Satyananda yoga teacher and a registered midwife. She has specialised in pregnancy yoga for over 2 decades. As a mother, she has the experience of practising yoga throughout her own pregnancies and knows its profound benefits, not just in pregnancy but also during labour, birth and the postnatal period. Complementary to the holistic practices of yoga, Bindu is a qualified midwife and therefore has the clinical knowledge and experience of the profession to add dimension to her classes.

Bindu’s yoga classes provide a space for the woman to connect with her baby, to practice gentle movements that create ease and flexibility in her body and to tune into a breath that will enhance a sense of wellbeing. The classes are also an opportunity for women to meet, in a safe space, with other pregnant women and share their experiences about various aspects of pregnancy.

The classes are suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy right up to the birth.

Bindu also facilitates Birth and Parenthood preparation sessions for expectant parents as well as Postnatal yoga classes for mother and baby.

Please check the classes schedule or contact Yogabindu for more information and to book a place. You can also learn more about Yogabindu and the classes at her web-site